Remaining Objective in History

cavemanIt is important when doing any type of research to remain objective. This being said we might have to ask ourselves what is objectivity? Objectivity is the state of mind where the researcher suspends their current bias. When doing historical research it is important to not let any of your current perceptions of the past influence your opinion of the subject you are researching. This is also true when doing research in other fields of study, such as sociology. In sociology often the researcher has to study marginalized groups of people. The sociologist cannot allow their preconceived notions about homeless people or drug addicts for example to taint their studies. If we do not suspend our bias then the research will reflect that inability to distance oneself from ones values. In my portfolio I am going to attempt to show the need for objectivity in both sociology and history and show how these two fields of study can help each other. Both are seeking to be truly objective, albeit in different ways and for different reasons.